I graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN in 2000 and currently work for Microsoft. Here are some projects, from a "liberal arts education":

"Analysis of the Limits of Computation through Unconventional Models of Computation" . An honors research project with Prof. Molnar [pdf] [postscript].

Here is a little presentation on Indian astronomy: "The Importance of Astronomical Ideas and Interpretation in Vedic (Hindu) Thought"

And my resume, for the curious.

Microsoft Outlook [official page] and current group Microsoft Exchange. Check out some past projects at HTC (Honeywell Technology Center - part of greater Honeywell / GE now). I'm also listed on the Outlook 98 credits [unofficial easter egg]. Go to this "easter egg site" to figure out how to do it.

I used to be heavily involved in music and radio, but not so much anymore (though I was lucky enough to get one of my photos on a big time CD :). Same goes for photography I guess... eventually the good stuff will make it into the gallery.

Finally, for my wonderful family:  graduation pictures (or go to photography page). Also, for history's sake, I still have my old music page up as well as the links page.

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